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Solution: Introducing the "Baltic-Friendly" label and mobile application - a smart and efficient way for Finnish farmers to identify and choose regenerative agriculture products when shopping.

  1. Labeling System: The "Baltic-Friendly" label will be created and placed on products that follow sustainable farming practices that are beneficial for the Baltic Sea. This label will be distributed to farms that meet specific criteria such as:
  2. Using regenerative farming practices that support healthy soil and biodiversity
  3. Minimal use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  4. Reduced water and energy consumption
  5. Responsible waste management
  6. Support for local communities and fair working conditions

The label will be easily recognizable with a distinct logo and color, making it easily distinguishable for consumers while shopping.

  1. Mobile Application: The Baltic-Friendly mobile application will use AI and IoT technology to provide consumers with a convenient and reliable way to identify and purchase regenerative agriculture products. The app will feature a user-friendly interface that allows farmers to scan product barcodes to quickly and accurately determine if it is "Baltic-Friendly." This information will be linked to a database of farms and their production methods, making it easy to track the source of each product.

  2. User Incentives: To encourage farmers