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Osaango Oy, Mannerheiminaukio 1 A c/o Spaces, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (appointment only)

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+358 9 25166110

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Trade register: 2881365-2
VAT registration: FI28813652

DUNS: 368558872

We accept e-invoices from our business partners: E-invoice address: 003728813652 and E-invoicing operator: Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)

For SEPA and international invoicing: Bank: Nordea Finland Plc, Operator: NDEAFIHH, Address: FI7315443000061940

If you are unable to send SEPA or e-invoices at this moment, please send the invoices using this invoicing address:

Osaango Oy

PL 16112