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We help you discover and create the ideas, skills, technology and data to make the best possible future.

Keep your skills relevant in the digital job market

Formal education and traditional training methods are not sufficient for the huge upskilling need of 50% of the workforce by 2030.

Find out our unique approach.

Keep your Smart Tech, Data, AI or API program on track

Find new business ideas. Learn how others have solved similar problems and discover the best practices.

We help you with short well-planned sprints and build capability inside your teams!

Increase the value of your smart buildings

Demands to increase energy efficiency, customer satisfaction and safety of buildings is growing at the same time when buildings are getting more disconnected smart systems. Increase the value  with continously working operational technology (OT).

Are you ready to combine future business models and data & technology capabilities?

We are known for our deep experience & versatile ideas, a friendly, customer-centric and creative globally local team and partner network.

No-nonsense, first-class consulting with guaranteed delivery. Unique learning philosophy for real-world needs.


Learn what's possible with the help of our network. Futudemy offers you a unique combination of a course, workshop and hackathon - combining professionals with university students.

Osaango Academy™

Onboard or upskill people quickly to new jobs  & roles with our Academy model. We deliver the best & authentic experience with our training and recruiting partners

Osaango Onsensical™

Build and scale API, data, AI or IoT capability in the organization with the Onsensical service family. From light "acupuncture" to help your core team establish a roadmap, to operations, governance and building developer portals etc.


Continuw LEAD services change your view on building-related value creation by combining services, processes and systems in a unique way. We focus on continuity, supply chain management, lifecycle management and architecture.

We'll get your team on track!

Some time ago you made the decision to get some new tech, maybe even data. Possibly smart tech and machine learnable data.

That lead to getting a new team. But they are trampling like it's a meter of snow on Mount Everest. Let's get some speed under our skis!

Learn more about our services

Let's start revealing your future!

who do we work with?

We consult mostly specific business, IT and building management units in large enterprises and public sector organizations globally.

Some of our services suit also medium sized organizations as well as academic institutions.

Typically we work with

  • Program managers of ecosystem and platform transformation
  • API enablement team leads
  • Building digitalization program managers
  • Academic and professional organizations developing /requiring future business & tech professionals
  • Business developers in product companies in need of educating their prospects,  customers or staff of business and technology possibilities

deep experience, versatile ideas

Do you want to combine future business models and technology capabilities?

We help you to ideate, design and develop your ecosystem.
We'll also support you to reach the required skills, capabilities and organizational change.
Whether your business needs help or skills with APIs, data, AI or operational technology, we've got you covered.

We are known to be onsensical

Delivered with a friendly, customer-centric and creative globally local team and partner network.
We are known for our no-nonsense attitude and realistic delivery.

For our training services, we offer a unique learning philosophy. It focuses on skills and methods that are required in real working environments.

our Latest Posts

News, case studies, best practicies and more - see what we and our customers and partners have been doing lately

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January 5, 2022
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How is OT being led in your organization? OT expert Hanna Pikkusaari discusses the need for brave changemakers in the OT field.
December 21, 2021

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