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One potential solution to save the Baltic sea for a Swedish engineer is to designate specific harbors as free drop-off locations for emptying septic tanks. These harbors would be strategically located along the coastline to make it easy for boat owners to access. The following steps outline the process for implementing this solution:

  1. Identify suitable harbors: The first step would be to identify harbors that are easily accessible by boats and have the necessary infrastructure to support septic tank disposal. These harbors should be dispersed along the coastline to ensure easy access for boat owners.

  2. Negotiate with authorities and stakeholders: Once the suitable harbors have been identified, the next step would be to negotiate with local authorities, marina owners, and other relevant stakeholders to secure their cooperation and support for the project.

  3. Install disposal equipment: The designated harbors would need to be equipped with the necessary equipment for emptying septic tanks, such as a pump-out station or a vacuum truck. These facilities should be available for free to encourage boat owners to use them.

  4. Raise awareness: A public awareness campaign should be launched to educate boat owners about the importance of properly disposing of their septic waste and the benefits of using the designated harbor drop-off points. This could include distributing flyers