Integrated Information & Data Architecture Services

Streamline Your Digital Ecosystem for Efficiency, Compliance, and User-friendliness

Streamline Your Digital Ecosystem

Optimize your user interface designs, customer journey, and SaaS applications with our comprehensive audit and analysis. Experience seamless integration that results in a more efficient, unified, and user-friendly digital ecosystem.

Align with Industry Standards

Stay ahead of the curve by aligning your data and information architecture with the latest industry best practices and regulatory compliance. Leverage our deep industry understanding to ensure your systems are not just efficient, but also adhere to relevant standards.

Empower Your Product Management

Rely on our expert product management and technical product owner services to help you strategize and prioritize product features in line with your business objectives. We bring a unique blend of technology, industry, and regulatory understanding to drive your product roadmap.

Why Choose Osaango?


Holistic Approach

We provide a comprehensive perspective on technology, industry, business models, customer and developer experience, and regulation.

Industry Experience

Our deep understanding and experience across various industries helps you align your architecture with best practices and compliance requirements.

Clear Communication

We ensure you're informed at every stage of the project, and our recommendations are communicated in a manner that's easy to understand and act upon.

Examples of our other workshop, coaching and learning topics


Comprehensive Audit

We initiate with a thorough examination of your user interface designs, customer journey designs, and existing information and data architecture.


SaaS Applications & Platforms Analysis

Our experts identify opportunities for seamless integration of your various SaaS applications and platforms, creating a cohesive digital ecosystem.


Product Management & Technical Product Ownership

We offer expert product management and technical product owner services, prioritizing product features in alignment with your business goals.


Information Architecture Design

Our team designs intuitive information architecture that aligns with user needs and business goals, making your digital assets more accessible and user-friendly.


Data Architecture and Integration

We propose a data architecture that ensures secure, efficient data flow and access across your enterprise, aiming to streamline operations and improve user experience.


Industry Best Practice and Regulatory Compliance

With our deep understanding of various industries, we guide you to align your information and data architecture with industry standards and regulatory compliance.

Implementation Support

We provide continuous support and make necessary adjustments based on real-world data and user feedback, ensuring smooth implementation of the architecture.

Some of the organisations we work with

KONECisco SolutionsFondia
Tampere UniversityThe API CollectiveAPIdays Helsinki & North ConferenceOpenAPI Initiative