API-First with APIOps Workshops

Discover the power of API-First Excellence with our engaging APIOps Workshops. Learn from top industry experts, acquire hands-on skills, and elevate your API expertise like never before.

API-First Excellence with Engaging Workshops

Upgrade your API development to API product design and development with our APIOps workshops.

Learn from Top Experts with APIOps Workshops

Build cutting-edge APIs that have business value, excellent consumer experience and are scalable, reliable, and secure.

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Achieve API-First excellence with our expert guidance.

APIOps Workshops empower organisations


Embrace an API-First mindset

Drive innovation and business growth.

Streamline API design, development, and management processes

Enhance collaboration and communication between cross-functional teams.

Create a culture of continuous improvement and learning

Essential for thriving in the dynamic API landscape.

Examples of our other workshop, coaching and learning topics


APIOps Cycles Understanding

Teaches an iterative approach to API design, development, and management. By learning the APIOps Cycles methodology, you'll create APIs that meet your users' needs and drive business success. Available also as an online, self-study course.


Aligning API Strategy with Business Goals

Helps align your API strategy with your organization's objectives to identify growth and revenue opportunities. This will take your API initiatives to the next level.


Collaborative API Design and Development

Fosters cross-functional communication to create APIs that align with user needs and your organizational vision. This results in a stronger team and better APIs.


Accelerating API Delivery with SAFe Agile

Enhances API delivery within Agile Release Trains by exploring the role of the API Product Manager and SAFe Product Owner. This unlocks your team's full potential.


Empowering User-Centric API Design

Emphasizes user-centric API design and iterative validation to create APIs that meet users' needs. Continuous feedback and improvement will make your APIs better over time.


Continuous Improvement through APIOps Retrospectives

Empowers you to take your API initiatives to the next level by identifying areas for improvement and celebrating successes through APIOps retrospectives.

Stay Ahead in the Digital Race

Embrace an API-First mindset and witness the transformative impact it can have on your software product management practices. Empower your teams to innovate, optimize, and create business value through APIs, keeping your organization ahead of the competition.

How it works

Working Together for API Success
  • warningProblem: Lack of collaboration and communication between teams leads to disjointed API management practices.
  • lightbulbSolution: Osaango team facilitates and encourages face-to-face interactions, knowledge-sharing, and cross-functional workshops to foster teamwork and alignment.
  • favorite Benefit: Teams can jointly design API solutions, leading to better integration and improved project outcomes.

Our methods, e.g. our open method APIOps Cycles, help teams to set common goals, and create API solutions together.

Sharing API knowledge
  • warningProblem: Important API knowledge remains trapped within team members' minds, hindering organisation-wide learning.
  • lightbulbSolution: Osaango provides a structured framework for documenting API design, development, and management practices with help from the APIOps Cycles method and our document templates and know-how.
  • favorite Benefit: Creates a repository of best practices and lessons learned, facilitating knowledge sharing and standardisation.
Combining API Knowledge
  • warningProblem: Inefficient integration of different API knowledge sources results in disjointed strategies.
  • lightbulbSolution: We utilize our open APIOps Cycles methodology and other proven methods for creating new knowledge to align different teams and their expertise
  • favorite Benefit:  Enables the creation of comprehensive and coherent API strategies, maximising the impact of combined knowledge.
Putting It Into Action: Learning by Doing
  • warning
    Problem: Knowledge remains theoretical without practical implementation and continuous improvement.
  • lightbulb
    We guide you how to consistently apply APIOps Cycles throughout the API lifecycle.
  • favorite
    Teams gain hands-on experience, turning explicit knowledge into ingrained expertise, leading to enhanced API management practices over time.

Some of the organisations we work with

KONECisco SolutionsFondia
Tampere UniversityThe API CollectiveAPIdays Helsinki & North ConferenceOpenAPI Initiative