From API enabled strategy to integrated partner experience

From API enabled strategy to integrated partner experience

Monetizing the API Universe
Europe & UK

A North European media and advertisement company wanted to provide new self-service digital experience using APIs. The target segment was media agencies and integration partners. Their clients advertise in our client’s media channels.

The Challenge:

The goal was clear – to provide a new, self-service digital experience for their clients, primarily media agencies and integration partners, who advertise across the company's vast media channels.

Our Approach:

We initiated a business-focused API strategy, which entailed a comprehensive market study, technical feasibility research, and an audit of existing APIs. After completing the initial roadmap by the client, we re-evaluated the market situation and their enhanced capabilities.

Strategic Execution:

The new roadmap we developed focused on modelling the partner journey and setting up an integrated client and developer portal architecture. Our recommendation for a loosely integrated API management solution to their ad manager platform resulted in a seamless experience for partner organizations and their developers.

Lessons learned

Our engagement has been ongoing, involving biannual sprints for coaching and support. The client's bolstered internal capacity for leading API product management is a crucial outcome. Thanks to our collaborative efforts, they've forged stronger connections across marketing, sales, product, and technology teams.