Smart business models and ecosystem with supercomputers

Smart business models and ecosystem with supercomputers

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Digitalia stands as a testament to collaborative brilliance, a joint endeavor spearheaded by the University of Applied Sciences of South-East Finland (XAMK), the University of Helsinki, and the National Archives.

When the vision for Memory Lab ecosystem took shape, it was clear they were charting an ambitious course. The challenge: Designing a dynamic business model for an advanced computing and data economy initiative rooted in a cutting-edge computing center.

The project's overarching aim was more than just hardware; it was about unlocking the myriad possibilities high-performance computing could usher. How could supercomputers revolutionize sectors as diverse as food, water, forestry, and wellbeing?

Beyond the realm of big data management, the potential of these computing behemoths extended to creating immersive experiences through virtual and augmented reality. Yet, the practical realization of these ideas hinged on one core element: service potential. What unique offerings could the Memory Lab ecosystem bring to the fore? Furthermore, how could Digitalia position Eastern Finland as a magnet, attracting visitors, companies, and institutions to its shores?

Lessons learned

  • Industry-Specific Insights: Engaging with the project, our team was adeptly poised to resonate with the specific needs of the target industries. This alignment proved instrumental in driving the project's direction.
  • The Importance of Deep Understanding: It wasn't just about what could be done, but also about validating these possibilities with those who mattered most – potential customers and collaborators. This validation fortified the project's direction and ensured its relevance.
  • Real-world Impact: Post our collaboration, Digitalia didn't just stay in the ideation phase. They successfully secured substantial funding for their visionary investment. More so, they have since embarked on numerous subsequent initiatives with ecosystem partners, amplifying the reach and potential of the Memory Lab ecosystem.

At its core, this journey underlines the transformative potential of harnessing advanced technology, especially when blended with a strategic vision, deep industry insights, and a commitment to stakeholder engagement.