Intelligent Audit: Your Guide Through the AI Maze

Discover, decipher, and determine AI’s true role in your business and the level of intelligence you need with our tailored consultancy.

Where Do You Want to Take Your Business Today?

Begin with a one-on-one consultation session. Our AI experts will listen to your business enhancement needs and aspirations. With our vast experience, we'll guide you through the potential benefits and pitfalls of incorporating AI into your strategies.

Is AI the Right Solution for You?

Before jumping on the AI bandwagon, it's crucial to determine if it's the right fit for your business needs. We'll evaluate your business processes, goals, and current technological landscape to give you an unbiased opinion on whether AI is the solution you need, or if there are more efficient alternatives to consider.

Separating AI Fact from Fiction

The market is brimming with products boasting AI capabilities. We'll assist you in distinguishing genuine AI solutions from the mere buzzwords. With our in-depth verification process, ensure that your potential AI investments are genuine and fit for purpose.

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What is the real level of AI you need?

Don't pay for a complex solution you don't need, but don't settle for a "dumb" solution because you think it's not possble

Security, Standards & Compliance

Each industry, organization and use case have their own demands and risks when it comes to intelligent solutions. We can help you to avoid the costly pitfalls, while keeping you in the competition

Are your data, devices and people ready for your AI efforts?

We help you underrstand what you and your organization needs and create a roadmap for continuous improvement. If needed, we'll guide your architecture development, too.
Level 1: Emerging
Level 2: Developing
Level 3: Mature
API Documentation Status
Up-to-date with basic API functionality and standards
Comprehensive & segmented
Sales Team's API Understanding
Struggles to communicate benefits
Basic understanding
In-depth knowledge
Support Team's Capacity
Frequently overwhelmed
Manages current volume with concerns
Handles volume well, scalable
API Authentication User-friendliness
Not user-friendly for all
Works well for some segments
Universal user-friendliness
Capacity for More APIConsumers
Apprehensive due to support issues
Concerned about scaling
Confident in scaling
Not marketed
Included in some marketing materials
Adaptable & effective marketing

Some of the organisations we work with

KONECisco SolutionsFondia
Tampere UniversityThe API CollectiveAPIdays Helsinki & North ConferenceOpenAPI Initiative

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