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Value Proposition: Our solution aims to assist Finnish farmers in identifying regenerative agriculture products while shopping. We understand the importance of sustainable farming practices for both the environment and the well-being of consumers. With our solution, farmers can easily make informed decisions and support regenerative agriculture, all while promoting a healthier lifestyle for their consumers.

Top APIs and Technologies Needed: 1. Product Label Database: The first step in identifying regenerative agriculture products is to have access to a comprehensive database of product labels. This can be achieved by integrating APIs from existing databases such as the Regenerative Agriculture Label Database, which provides a list of certified regenerative agriculture products.

  1. Barcode Scanner: To make the shopping process easier, we can utilize barcode scanner technology to scan products and retrieve relevant information from the label database. This will enable farmers to quickly identify if a product is regenerative agriculture certified or not.

  2. Satellite Imagery: Incorporating satellite imagery technology can provide farmers with a visual representation of the farms where the products are sourced from. This will give them a better understanding of the farming practices being used and whether they align with regenerative agriculture principles.

  3. Machine Learning: Machine learning algorithms can analyze data from the product label database and satellite imagery to generate a score for each product indicating