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The Baltic Sea is in grave danger due to pollution from unsustainable farming practices. Finnish farmers play a crucial role in protecting the Baltic Sea, as they are responsible for producing the food that ends up on our plates. However, these farmers often struggle to identify which agricultural products are regenerative and sustainable, making it difficult for them to make environmentally conscious choices while shopping for farming supplies.

To address this issue, we propose a solution that leverages the power of AI and IoT to help Finnish farmers easily identify and choose regenerative agriculture products while shopping. Our solution consists of three main components: a mobile app, smart labels, and a database of sustainable products.

Firstly, the mobile app will be the farmer's main tool for identifying regenerative agriculture products. The app will use AI to analyze the ingredients and production methods of various products, and determine which ones are sustainable and suitable for regenerative farming. Farmers can simply scan the barcode of a product using their smartphone camera, and the app will provide them with a sustainability score and detailed information on the product's environmental impact.

Secondly, smart labels will be placed on products in stores to indicate their sustainability. These labels will be equipped with IoT sensors that track the product's journey from farm to shelf. This data will be updated in