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As a Finnish farmer living near the Baltic sea, I have witnessed the devastating effects of plastic pollution on our marine life and coastal areas. As a responsible citizen and steward of the land, I am determined to take action and use technology to help monitor and reduce plastic waste in our beloved sea. With the advancements in IoT (Internet of Things), I believe we have the means to make a significant impact and save the Baltic sea for future generations.

Here is my proposed solution to monitor and reduce plastic pollution in coastal areas using IoT:

  1. Setting up IoT sensors: The first step is to set up a network of IoT sensors along the coastline. These sensors will be placed strategically to detect and collect data on plastic waste and its movement in the sea.

  2. Installing Smart Bins: Along with the sensors, I will also install smart bins that use IoT technology to detect and sort plastic waste as it is being thrown in them. These smart bins will have different compartments for different types of plastic, making it easier for recycling and proper waste management.

  3. Real-time monitoring: The data collected by the sensors and smart bins will be transmitted to a central server in real-time. This server will be accessible to the relevant authorities, researchers, and the public, allowing them to monitor the