Re-think product and service design with APIs

Four-week program. Best for wide group of participants. Focus on API culture change, learning and innovation backlog.

Quick API-led innovation is better when you embrace constraints.

API products can’t thrive in technical or business silos. Promoting collaborative methods is the only way to actionable outcomes and excellence.

Research says that innovation happens best when introducing constraints to the process. We have seen this happen over and over again. That is why we facilitate a four-week API innovation program we call Futudemy. We offer it as an open and client-specific program. At its best, it involves participants from many parts of the organization. Typically participants come from product, sales, and technology teams. 

During the program, we help the participants develop their knowledge and understanding of APIs. This includes understanding and designing service journeys and getting to know great examples.  We practice the open APIOps Cycles methods to discover potential API product and solution features.  They will also be able to use the APIOps Cycles methods regularly as part of the design process for services and products.  We guarantee that the participants get many new actionable ideas. The program has an impact on the organization’s APIs strategy as well as the participants' skills.

  • Your participants learn and innovate by doing, we facilitate and mentor.
  • Key deliverables: culture change ready and API-savvy participants, roadmap and API business models.
  • We leverage the open APIOps Cycles-method, and help integrate it to your processes and guidelines.
  • 5-20 business and technology participants
  • 4 weeks, 2 hours per week
Why your organization should join Futudemy?

Get more proficient at designing services and products with APIs.

Adapt quickly to the changing tech landscape. Be able to spot opportunities easily.

Make better decisions based on data to make any current products or services smarter.

Seeds of API culture and strategic thinking in one package.

Futudemy is a new learning experience where you can design and implement new business models and develop digital product and service ideas. Or just learn how to make the services smarter and automated - with APIs!

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Four-week program. Best for wide group of participants. Focus on API culture change, learning and innovation backlog.

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