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API documentation for your external APIs

An API portal is not only promoting APIs. It symbolizes and offers a window to your organization's digitalization, innovation, and corporate culture. It is almost as essential for recruiting digital talent as attracting clients and partners.

Are you in charge of growing the profitability and scale of your organization’s API program?

This paper is for you. Your title could be API product manager, digital product or platform manager, or an API enablement or design lead. If your goal is to publish external APIs to monetize them, indirectly or directly, you need an API, developer or partner portal to do it.

Not publishing a branded API portal is the biggest failure a company providing APIs can make.

An API portal can’t exist alone. The portal needs well-designed APIs and some form of API gateway or management solution. General advice and guidelines are insufficient to know what portal is right for you. Not all portals fit all API management solutions. And not all API management solutions will fit all budget, compliance, or technology requirements.

Setting up the API portals and customizing the visuals, content, and journey needs other skills than what marketing, designers, API developers, or managers have.

To help make difficult decisions, our team at Osaango has combined the learnings from our customer projects and industry best practices into this whitepaper to guide your choice