Here are some reasons to work with us

Our industry expertise covers finance & accounting, legal, marketing & media, consulting, retail, travel, wholesale, telecom, IT, software, technology, construction, energy & water, public sector.

Combining business strategy and goals, technology (APIs, IoT and software) and organizational change seamlessly.

Scientific research and best practices with an extremely practical approach and down-to-earth team.

Which service fits your needs?

Consulting project

We do it for you: Let's agree on scope, deadline and budget. Typically starts at 10 000 EUR (11.800 USD) / month. Online self-study training included.

DIY + Sparring

For small teams: You work, we help you to stay in the right direction with the right methods. Minimum 8 weeks x 499 EUR (590 USD) / month / team member. Online self-study training included.


For individuals, teams and whole organization. "Inspiration lectures", workshops and online self-study with our expert coaches on API, data, platform economies and development and digital business. Get started for free or from 41 EUR (48 USD) / month per person.