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Talk to us about your API product design, API pricing, API strategy and monetization needs.

API portal setup

Onboard API consumers in style

We help set up your API portal for internal and external developers, clients, and partners. We configure the portal with the right visuals and content to get you to the next level.

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API audit

Improve your API design, and API documentation

We check your API designs for standards, best practices, and API consumer expectations as API products. You will receive a detailed report outlining what to improve.

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API strategy and execution

We create an API strategy and business model to support your API maturity or monetization goals.

We use benchmarks, experience, and workshops with you and other stakeholders such as clients and partners. We'll support your implementation.

Need a bigger API culture change?

Pick out the delivery method that fits your schedule, budget, goals and culture. Or shall we line them all up over time, like many of our other customers do?


Short consulting project. Best for core team focused on API and partner ecosystem strategy including monetization, optional API audit and API portal setup.
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  • We do the heavy lifting according to agreed deliverables and workshops.
  • Key deliverable: report with recommendations to guide executing the roadmap and make decisions.
  • We leverage the open APIOps Cycles-method, and help integrate it to your processes and guidelines.
  • 2-5 key participants in charge of managing APIs
  • 6-8 weeks

Eyes On Your API

Monthly coaching. Best for extending change beyond core team. Focus on API products and API design and development.
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  • We support your core team to create and communicate best practices.
  • We help you create materials, checklists, guidelines and role model API designs and advise you.
  • We leverage the open APIOps Cycles-method, and help integrate it to your processes and guidelines.
  • 2 key stakeholders, multiple other participants as needed
  • 6-8 week iterations


Four-week program. Best for wide group of participants. Focus on API culture change, learning and innovation backlog.
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  • Your participants learn and innovate by doing, we facilitate and mentor.
  • Key deliverables: culture change ready and API-savvy participants, roadmap and API business models.
  • We leverage the open APIOps Cycles-method, and help integrate it to your processes and guidelines.
  • 5-20 business and technology participants
  • 4 weeks, 2 hours per week

Build your team's API competence?

We power the humans behind APIs with world-scale learning - online and expert led.

Not sure you know what API economy, Data economy, Operational Technology are? No worries, read more on our website or check out our open university and other courses at Osaango Academy.

We also create custom online and remote courses for organizations and education providers, so talk to us about your project.

Osaango Academy

Why work with us?

We provide advice based on experience and research. We will share hand-picked examples on what good looks like for you and your organization.

We'll do most of the work for you, or we will just coach you and your team, depending on the delivery style you choose.

We'll deliver the agreed results in in the promised schedule.

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