can we ship you a box of heroEs?

No, not really, service in a box doesn't quite work yet. But we do always deliver. Together we can build new business and technology capabilities in no time!

01. Planning...

courses, Bootcamps, & workshops

Often a strategic change will need new skills and new thinking before the changes can be decided and/or implemented. Take a look at our course offering and let's talk more.

02. Developing...

strategies, guidelines & learning solutions

Our workshops and strategic programs help you to achieve your strategic goals - for example growing your ecosystem via API & data strategy, improving the value of your buildings with well-behaving operational technology or improving employer brand via open courses. Learn more from our case studies and other blog posts.

03. Supporting...

continuous advisory and sparring

Getting your strategy, roadmap, purchase or skills development plan approved by the board or other stakeholders is one thing, continous development another.

Our continuous services help you develop your operations in a lean and focused way.
Contact us and let's grab a remote coffee.

osaan + Go = you can, let's go!

Embracing our Nordic roots "Osaan" is Finnish for I can. "Go", well it's go, like go to the future!

We help you create strategies and guidelines for API and data economy and smart technologies. We support organization and ecosystem changes and help you decide what to buy, sell, build or learn next to best utilize new technologies with new business models.

API & Data Strategies and Guidelines

Bootcamps & workshops with best practices and in 6-12 weeks you are on the next level.


apidays Helsinki & North with 1000+ global attendees.  Check out RegOpsDays and other events we organize.

OT Lead As A Service

Increase the value of your smart buildings with reliable and continuously working OT (Operational Technology)

Learning programs

Expert talks, live training, self-paced online courses, custom, public, bootcamps, academic programs, you name it.

Strategic ecosystem & service design

Expert talks

Smart IT & OT Architecture

Self-paced courses

Advisory for platforms and smart technology

Co-created & tailored learning experiences

API & Data Productization & Monetization

Live courses

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