A box full of the future?

Service in a box doesn't quite work yet. But we've been told by our customers that we always deliver first-class service. 

Let's build new business and technology capabilities in no time!

We'll get your team on track!

Some time ago you made the decision to get some new tech, maybe even data. Possibly smart tech and machine learnable data.

That lead to getting a new team. But they are trampling like it's a meter of snow on Mount Everest. Let's get some speed under our skis!

Business benefits & technology requirements ahoy!

But then again, someone just asked, what exactly are the business benefits to be expected as a result.

Well isn't that for the business to figure out? But what if they can't, not alone. And we don't even know exactly what tech or data we'd need before we know what the business could do with it.

Or what the technical capabilities should be?

Find the right pain points

Well then. Let's put some wise brains on this and start thinking. But it might feel a bit difficult, like astrophysics or being sucked in to a black hole...

Get Onsensical with us!

Luckily, around the world, you can find some help. We'll help you assess the situation and give your team some "API acupuncture" or help you with your AI, IoT or data-related needs.

With our Onsensical workshops and methods, great benchmarks and sparring we'll get you to the next level.

We'll do this together with you and your existing partners, and with the help of our partner network, such as "The API Collective".

Let's find the "someone else" who will own all of this

At some point, sooner or later, you've navigated the technical labyrinth and found the business ideas.

You then come up with some new issues, like who is going to sell that amazing new tech or data-driven product or service?

Especially if it contains an API. The marketing and sales teams are ghosting you, but you know they should just, well, do it.

You have enough trouble trying to figure out the best tech and development practices to get them something to market and sell, safely that is.

Just add some structure

Hmm, smells like a missing operating model, maybe even a business model. Some like to also talk about governance. We typically do it a few sprints at a time, sometimes for a few months. We want to get you self-sufficient. We also play nice with your other partners and subcontractors.

And then you can call us again, when and if you need us. Sometimes you'll need some training or some new team members, too. We might be able to help there as well.

Osaango Academy

Thank you for taking your journey in the first class with us!

In the end, our clients are happy and look good to their organizations and peers. And we get credit, again, for a first-class service. Welcome back on the next flight - or Zoom!

Let's talk!

Next step: hunt for a needle in the smart haystack!

Maybe we'll see each other in a safe, end-user and manager friendly energy-efficient smart building. With continously operating maintenance and safety systems?

The houses are full of technology and data, but are not managed by the same teams and methods as IT systems.

If you want try something smart for manageing your smart buildings, let's talk.

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Are you ready to combine future business models and data & technology capabilities?

We are known for our deep experience & versatile ideas, a friendly, customer-centric and creative globally local team and partner network.

No-nonsense, first-class consulting with guaranteed delivery. Unique learning philosophy for real-world needs.


Learn what's possible with the help of our network. Futudemy offers you a unique combination of a course, workshop and hackathon - combining professionals with university students.

Osaango Academy™

Onboard or upskill people quickly to new jobs  & roles with our Academy model. We deliver the best & authentic experience with our training and recruiting partners

Osaango Onsensical™

Build and scale API, data, AI or IoT capability in the organization with the Onsensical service family. From light "acupuncture" to help your core team establish a roadmap, to operations, governance and building developer portals etc.


Continuw LEAD services change your view on building-related value creation by combining services, processes and systems in a unique way. We focus on continuity, supply chain management, lifecycle management and architecture.

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