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We are a specialized boutique consultancy established in 2018. We consult and train organizations on smart business ecosystems and underlying APIs and technology.

Gunta Krumina


Systems & Organizations Designer

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Hanna Pikkusaari


Smart Technologies Advisor, Speaker and Educator

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Marjukka Niinioja

Founding partner

API and Data Strategist, Speaker, Author and Educator

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Tessa Viitanen


Founder of Techie Stories, one of our expert partners

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Lauri Suomalainen

Web and Automation Developer

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Iida Peltonen

Marketing & Project Coordinator

Marketing & Project Coordinator

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Emilia Mäkinen



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What we value

Our key principles, some call them values, are what guide us in our operations both in-house and with our partners and customers.

We deliver what we promise

We don't promise what we can't deliver, and we always deliver what we promised. That being said, as the past year has shown us, sometimes things are out of our control. Sometimes unexpected things happen, but whatever the situation, we never compromise with the results.

Luxury results - down-to-earth people

Sometimes we are called to save the day when most other roads have been tried. From whatever chaos we face, we always seem to come up with clarity, innovation and order. We always strive to create something that makes our kids proud to say "My mummy/daddy made this". We are proud of the results we create together with the customers, but we are not full of ourselves. Everyone can have great ideas, everyone can make mistakes.

Trust and honesty above money

Friends don't let friends down or do stupid things, even for a bigger pay day. We consider our customers, partners and team members our friends.

Work smart not hard

If there is a way to make something simpler, better and cheaper, we'll do it. If you find yourself doing repeatedly the same thing, or if you suspect there is a better way, there probably is. Look for it, research it, but let's keep things lean and experimental. What is your next experiment, and how do you know it succeeded?

Enjoy life in it's full diversity

All kinds of people and animals are close to our team's hearts (currently birds and cats are the favorites). We work closely with people from many cultures and backgrounds, and love  projects that help make the world a better place. This can mean e.g. helping in designing sustainable & smarter buildings via operational technology, teaching new skills to a wide audience through open university courses or helping the public sector in smart procurement.

Globally recognized API management knowledge

Osaango has been selected as one of the top 20 API management service providers in the world.

Osaango's founder Marjukka Niinioja has co-authored the research-based API Economy 101 book and is the "mother" of the APIOps Cycles -method. This openly licensed API development method currently used around the world by companies and publicseor.

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