Regular coaching for establishing API management best practices

Regular coaching for establishing API management best practices

API-First with APIOps Workshops

An Australian financial services provider wanted to accelerate its API adoption and maturity. This was crucial for the customer/ digital and technology simplification strategies.

We were working alongside the technology leadership team and the API enablement function. We needed to get the case for APIs more clearly communicated and understood. We also helped to clarify many design and architectural points, and API standards. Our coaching related to the APIs and software development and infrastructure management practices.

With our partners we have helped produce materials and create best practices. We have answered ad-hoc needs during the several weekly sessions with the relevant stakeholders.

Lessons learned

The client has adopting the APIOps Cycles approach. We have helped to fit it to their other processes and guidelines. It is transforming the way their API management and enablement team provides assistance and tools to the service teams.