Pioneering US Market Growth:An Integration Market Study for a Device Management Scaleup

Pioneering US Market Growth:An Integration Market Study for a Device Management Scaleup

Monetizing the API Universe

Operating globally, a leading device management scaleup was poised to accelerate its growth in the US markets. With an existing product and partner strategy in place, the company recognized an increasing demand for integrations by both customers and partners. Integrations were not just a mere request but a potential catalyst for rapid growth.

Working together has given us clearer insights and a stronger direction for our US expansion. The strategies we've developed are grounded in deep customer understanding, and I'm confident in the road ahead. A truly valuable collaboration.

Chief Product Officer


The primary objective was to undertake a fast-paced project focusing solely on the US market, aiming to derive integration solutions for device reset, payment, HR, and reporting. The project would encompass integration technology options, a baseline assessment of potential business areas, evaluation of operational models, and the formulation of a comprehensive business and technology roadmap.


1. Integration Technology Options

  • Identifying support models for client-specific integrations.
  • Outlining customer (buyer’s) journey and pre-sales support for integration.

2. Baseline Assessment

  • Zeroing in on the target market and business models.
  • Clarifying the business model, conducting requisite research, conceptualizing, and collating feedback from stakeholders.

3. Operational Models & Technology

  • Conducting a thorough assessment of data processing, and the infrastructure and technology required.

4. Roadmap Formulation

  • Creating an operational model, a roadmap, and pinpointing required roles and resources.

Leveraging methods such as the Lean canvas and APIOps Cycles, we collaborated with both business and technology management to form assumptions. It was crucial to discern unknown variables, particularly regarding channels and segments. We prioritized market positioning and understanding the depth of knowledge of the integration user personas.

Outcome: Our intensive market research delved intocustomer needs, potential partners, competitors, and API-enabled integration technologies. This led us to craft a futuristic hypothesis on a revamped business model. By immersing ourselves in the customer journey and benchmarking touchpoints and features, we identified significant areas of improvement. Our team's ability to adopt an external perspective expedited the product development, sales, and marketing strategies.

Examples of Deliverables

From a Partner Perspective:

  • Immediate enhancements to customer experience with a significant impact.
  • Incorporating integration possibilities in marketing materials.
  • Enabling customers to suggest integrations.
  • A deeper understanding of industry-specific needs and buyer personas.
  • Elevating integration partnerships to a strategic level, emphasizing on security, privacy, data protection, and more.
  • Establishing a win-win partner value proposition, streamlining the addition of integration apps to the app store.

From aTechnology Perspective:

  • Evaluating existing APIs' suitability for integrations and prioritizing their external and reusable nature.
  • Implementing stringent SLAs and terms and conditions conducive for external parties.
  • Detailed strategies tailored to the specific target market, technology, and scaling goals.

Lessons learned

  • Customer-Centricity is Paramount: Placing ourselves in the shoes of customers provided invaluable insights, underscoring the importance of empathy in product development.
  • External Perspectives Accelerate Growth: An outside-in approach, looking at the business from an external standpoint, can drastically fast-forward product and marketing strategies.
  • Integration is Key for Scaling: With the right integration strategies, businesses can achieve fast-paced growth, particularly in markets with demanding customers.
  • Strategic Partnerships are Crucial: Elevating partnerships to a strategic level can unlock unprecedented growth opportunities, especially when both parties achieve mutual benefits.

By focusing on these lessons, companies can ensure a smoother entry into new markets, optimize their product strategies, and fortify relationships with both partners and customers.