API comes from the words Application Programming interface. APIs enable active interaction and integration between organizations and information systems. Utilization of data through these interfaces allows companies to create new kind of economy and competitive edge, and renew their business strategy.

Osaango Ltd offers leading-edge API know-how and consulting on how to create business models and strategies around APIs. Our consulting also includes training, change management, service design, productization, and architecture.

What is API Economy?

"In API Economy company utilizes resources efficiently and quickly to create added value for own customers. These resources can be for example data or function provided by other organizations.
Building blocks utilized are own APIs and open APIs provided by other organizations (free or commercial) in addition to developer communities. These enable quicker adaptability to unpredictable and faster changing customer needs.
Defining characteristics of API Economy are competing for popularity among application developers and considering them as primary customers. In brief, services are offered from businesses to developers (Business-to-Developers, B2D)."

Moilanen J., Niinioja M., Seppänen M. & Honkanen M. 2019. API Economy 101

API Economy 101 -book
The much appreciated API Economy 101 (2019) by Jarkko Moilanen, Marjukka Niinioja, Marko Seppänen and Mika Honkanen guides you with research and real-world examples to API Economy, it’s business models, relationship to platform economy and how it changes your organization and technology.
API Economy 101 -book is available as e-book and paper back. Osaango's founding partner Marjukka Niinioja is one of the authors.
Introduction to API Economy (Open University)
Did you know Finnish education is the best in the world? Internationally known API economy guru Marjukka Niinioja and professor Marko Seppänen, from Tampere University, have created this academic but practical course.