Do you feel that the organization around you is still in analog-mode? Digital business, APIs, data and AI may be in your strategy but they are far from your reality.

How to further digitalize business? How to expand your partner network and ecosystem? How do API and platform economy differ from more traditional business models? As an investor, what should you pay attention to when assessing and developing companies?

Are you a CXO, Head of "Something", Enterprise architect, HR or Investor?

Are you responsible for developing your company’s business, digitalization, or competence? Bought a company in need of business, mindset, or technical integration or reform?

Does your organization need support and a new kind of thinking and competence? Have you decided to utilize your own or someone else's data or are you considering information system purchase to renew your business?

New API and data-based technical solutions don't reshape only IT-department. They also change the business, customer base, organizational structure, and competence requirements of the whole organization. This we know for a fact. That is why our customers want us and our partners to deliver integrated solutions to support their development

Some examples of our work with the whole organization.


We've helped Fondia form a comprehensive project, that aims for digitalization and new innovations development, and spans over two years. The project touches culture, skills, recruiting, employee experience, customer needs, partners and future trends. It fine-tunes business models and rebuilds technical architecture. We've even helped them to create some custom online training to help with the change.

Transforming the way how platform and API economy-based companies get public funding and growth consulting

Business Finland

We designed and implemented a tailormade, half-year-long online training for Business Finland and Team Finland concerning platform economy, API economy, and management and APIOps Cycles method. Emphasis was on investors, funding and business management point of view.

The course clarified, through various business and funding related exercises, how API economy and platform economy differ from more traditional forms of business in the sense of business model, income statement, balance sheet, capital need, and personnel count.

How to get started?

We have a few options for you and your organization:

  1. Individual courses which include some coaching time, depending on course. Any courses from our current online selection for a flat fee.
  2. Bespoke sparring for minimum 8 weeks - on average 1,5 hours per week for your team that is in charge of traning and changing the organization
  3. A consulting and / or training project with your specific situation ang goals in mind.

If you are not sure which option to take, or if we are a good fit book a 30 min meeting with us to clarify your needs.

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