What is OT aka Operational Technology?

OT is an enabler of many businesses and a business continuity safeguard

The definition of Operational Technology

Operational technology includes systems that are usually outside of traditional ICT. OT controls the production functions and the conditions of the property. It is technology that usually goes unnoticed when walking around the office but is essential for business operations - both for core business and for the supply chain.

OT guarantees safety, controls the indoor climate conditions, container port cranes, automated production lines and store refrigeration equipment. OT is present everywhere. OT exists in the open internet, space and closed silos. Therefore, OT management is relevant today and in the future.

OT is an enabler for many businesses

Operational technology aka OT is the technology that ensures safe conditions and the conditions for operation, but which, when working well, often goes unnoticed.

Behind the scenes, OT keeps production and maintenance processes running without breaks 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can reduce the costs and increase the value of the built environment by understanding the dependencies and ensuring continuity with Osaango's experienced experts.