Operational technology

What is Operational Technology and why should you know about it?


Operational technology aka OT covers all the systems, services, solutions and equipment running technical processes to ensure the intended use of the built environment. Enormous amount of IoT devices are typically connected to OT environment.

OT is an enabler for many businesses

Behind the scenes OT keeps the processes going without a break 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can reduce the costs and increase the value of the built environment by understanding the dependencies and ensuring the continuity with Osaango’s experienced experts.


We provide productized service and programs for understanding the dependencies, effects, and consequences of your operational technology environment. And we help you to find the unseen potential and cost-effective processes to make it easier to adapt to change caused by the digitalization the built environment.

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Unseen value in operational technology
Unseen value in operational technology

Operational technology in the built environment has evolved in the shades. The automated processes are not a new thing, but in this context the integrated environment is. And especially when you integrate the silos of operational technology with the silos of information technology. That’s when you get an interesting combination of problems to solve.

April 16, 2021
Operational technology is everywhere - from Earth to Mars and beyond
Operational technology is everywhere - from Earth to Mars and beyond

Operational technology is everywhere - from Earth to Mars and beyond. It’s a superpower that keeps the industrial processes going and lights lit at the office. It’s the technology beyond IT. It detects and causes change in the invisible technological environment. It runs the air conditioning, heating and cooling. It sends and receives alarms and it ensures that the conditions in the server room are optimal for all the transactions and data flow.

March 18, 2021