What Is API Economy?

API Economy has changed the way we think about and do business. Osaango educates and consults organizations and ecosystems in making the most out of their APIs and the API Economy.

The definition of API Economy

"In API Economy company utilizes resources efficiently and quickly to create added value for own customers. These resources can be for example data or function provided by other organizations.

Building blocks utilized are own APIs and open APIs provided by other organizations (free or commercial) in addition to developer communities. These enable quicker adaptability to unpredictable and faster changing customer needs.

Defining characteristics of API Economy are competing for popularity among application developers and considering them as primary customers. In brief, services are offered from businesses to developers (Business-to-Developers, B2D)."

Moilanen J., Niinioja M., Seppänen M. & Honkanen M. 2019. API Economy 101. Books on Demand

API Economy -course

This course is for people who have not encountered API Economy as a business model or technology before. The course is free, and you can study at your own pace. The course offers 1 credit unit of open university studies.

We created the course with Tampere University. In addition to the English version, KONE has made it possible to offer the course in German and Chinese.

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