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Osaango offers an educational experience via our curated collection of courses - the Osaango Academy. Our specialties are topics related to API economy, Platform Economy and Operational Technology in Smart Buildings in the public and private sectors. Together with universities, researchers, the public sector, and companies we provide theory and practice-based content and guidance on topics you don’t find elsewhere. Our team and partner network consists of experts in education, technology, and digital business. We believe the best learning happens when you use innovation, researched methods and data to solve your real-work problems.

Live learning experiences

What is the smart world like? What should you or your ecosystem know about API Economy, data products, or operational technology?We have live learning programs provided by globally recognized experts in education, technology, and digital business.

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self-service courses

Do you want to learn quickly and at your own time. Try our self-paced courses. Most of them include also a call with an expert, in case you want to get feedback of your tasks.

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Introduction to
API Economy -course

This course is meant for people who had not encountered API Economy as a business model before, even if they had some knowledge of APIs as technology. The course is free, and you can study at your own pace. The course is created in co-operation with Tampere University, and KONE has made it possible to offer the course in German and Chinese alongside the English one.

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Some of the topics we educate in

API & Platform Economy

  • Introduction to API Economy
  • Introduction to Platform Economy
  • API Economy and business thinking with integrations
  • Productizing & Monetizing APIs
  • Architecture and integration strategy
  • Data Economy, utilizing data in business
  • Integration technologies and tools
  • Lean API Development with APIOps Cycles
  • API architecture, API management and publishing APIs
  • APIs, Integrations & Compliance
  • Marketing to developer customers
  • Cloud technologies from an integrations point of view
  • APIs & data protection, encrypting and authentication

Operational Technology (OT)

  • Solution architecture in a building’s OT environment
  • Continuity in OT environment
  • Introduction to dependencies in OT solution environment
  • Total cost of ownership of OT in built environment
  • Added value and data in OT environment
  • A building as an element of a smart city
  • Digital security in built environment

01. Planning...

courses, Bootcamps, & workshops

Often a strategic change will need new skills and new thinking before the changes can be decided and/or implemented. Take a look at our course offering and let's talk more.

02. Developing...

strategies, guidelines & learning solutions

Our workshops and strategic programs help you to achieve your strategic goals - be it growing your ecosystem via API & data strategy, improving the value of your buildings with well-behaving operational technology or improving employer brand via open courses or something else. Learn more from our case studies and other blog posts.

03. Supporting...

continuous advisory and sparring

Getting your strategy, roadmap, purchase or skills development plan approved by the board or other stakeholders is one thing, continous development another.

Our continuous services help you develop your operations in a lean and focused way.
Contact us and let's grab a remote coffee.

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Get to know our courses!
Get to know our courses!

While many wait for the new year to start to pursue their goals, we have taken a head-start! From the wide range of courses available in Osaango Academy, we have picked a few that we would like to introduce you to. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, you will find suitable courses in our selection.

December 15, 2020
Introduction to API Economy now available in German and Chinese
Introduction to API Economy now available in German and Chinese

Introduction to API Economy course is provided now in Chinese and German with co-operation by KONE, Tampere University, and Osaango.

November 15, 2020
Key partnership between Osaango Oy and Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Key partnership between Osaango Oy and Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Osaango Oy has started a key partnership with Laurea University of Applied Sciences – the cooperation has started with the planning of a joint data management course. One of the reasons for the key partnership with Laurea is that we have been collaborating with universities for a long time and building online courses and training programs related to API economics and data.

February 23, 2021
API Monetization - an exploratory study
API Monetization - an exploratory study

I had the pleasure of recording a presentation for APIdays Helsinki 2020, June edition, with professor Marko Seppänen from Tampere University, who is one of the co-authors of API Economy 101. In his recent study with Saeid Heshmatisafa, he studies the top 100 Finnish companies an 126 other Finnish organizations. Surprisingly, they found that already 34% of companies had an Open API, meaning a public or a partner API matching the definition we used in the API Economy 101 book. In the presentation, Marko Seppänen goes through the research findings, mostly concentrating on the revenue models and other possibilities to monetize with the API.

May 28, 2020
Business development by utilizing data
Business development by utilizing data

Digital business development is a strategic decision. To implement it, the entrepreneur needs an understanding of the data so that the company can utilize and apply the results of the data analysis to its operations.

May 14, 2020
Next career move with Introduction to API Economy - course?
Next career move with Introduction to API Economy - course?

Learn in a few hours what API economy is! Join the free academic online course by Osaango and Tampere University now.

April 5, 2020
Unlearning the API Economy
Unlearning the API Economy

"APIs are just a technical implementation detail" - or are they? See what some of our students say after starting their Introduction to API economy studies!

March 15, 2020