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Effective ways to support developer customers

Give better support for your API customers

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Effective ways to support developer customers

Course contains...

Do you know who are your developer customers, but the supporting is lacking? If yes, this course is for you!

Why are developers a special segment? Let us help you to achieve your next career or business goal: Are you about to market or sell APIs or other technical products? Are you helping a customer design a platform? Are you a Product Manager?

Give better support for your API customers

  • Is your support drowning in growing number of API customer requests?
  • Are you afraid to open your APIs, because you don't have support resources?
  • Are customers' developers less than enthusiastic about your support?
  • Do you know how to improve the developer experience? What about supporting the decision makers?

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This course is available in our online platform. You can start and finish the course whenever you like. Some of the courses involve assignments. They are often real work related assignments, but you can do them for any real (or fictional) company. If you want feedback about the assignment, you can contact the professionals at the course. You will find instructions for booking time inside the course.

Detailed program

Meet the Educators

Marjukka Niinioja

Marjukka Niinioja is a speaker at API conferences, co-author of API Economy 101 book, and creator of the free "Introduction to API Economy" course with Tampere University. “Mother” of the lean, open and business-oriented APIOps Cycles method. 10+ years of experience with API Economy from retail, energy, ICT, construction and traffic industries, among others.

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