Building digital products like applications, websites, extranets can be challenging.

Building multi-sided platforms, marketplaces and datahubs is even more challenging.

Building an ecosystem sounds mind-blowingly great, but in reality it just makes you want to drop the ball. At least the first, second and possibly the third time, too.

But think of the growth potential in each, especially the platform and ecosystem models based on network effect! Or the API Economy cases, where you just lie back and let others use your APIs and your resources exposed by those APIs. You just wait for the money or other benefits to roll in.

We see platform, ecosystem and API economy building through our DOTS model: Data, Organization and it's people and their culture and skills, Touchpoints in the developer & customer journey and Software & APIs must all be in sync for the platform to thrive!

This is not your normal "let IT build us some software" project!

  • The normal marketing and customer research isn’t enough.
  • Understanding which trends apply and how is crucial
  • Your normal terms and conditions and bringing in legal, compliance and privacy experts at the last minute before going public isn’t enough
  • And through all this your UX designers are not equipped to handle developer interfaces or design for multiple stakeholders
  • Your development team maybe knew to managed and productized APIs, while they can deliver high-quality software
  • Your marketing and sales were lost already in the tech jargon?
    So what is the solution?

This is where we specialize:

We help you to

  • Build your teams knowledge of multi-sided platforms, datahubs and ecosystems.
  • Or just plain productization of APIs.
  • Usually we need to synchronize with API, AI, IoT and data business models and bring you some of the recent research and best practices.
  • We help you to ensure you meat the right customers’ needs in a right way. Also in the future.
  • We also deal well with regulated business environments, and have specific knowledge (via partners if needed) on banking, telco, utilities, healthcare, transport, retail, wholesale, manufacturing and other industries.

Example topics for sparring - combining consultative approach and training to giving advice with "surgical precission" are:

  • Market research - platforms, integrations, APIs, developer and customer needs
  • Business planning - there are some quirks when it comes to platforms and API economy, but done well they bring business value that wasn't even expected.
  • Defining customer experience & developer experience
  • Technical assessment or design of APIs and platform, combined with service design and legal design
  • A comprehensive plan of the enterprise architecture
  • Assignments related to recruitment of a competent person/team or procurement of services or
  • Guidance in the use of APIOps Cycles, the lean API development method.

How to get started?

We have a few options for teams:

  1. Bespoke sparring for minimum 8 weeks - on average 1,5 hours per week.
  2. Self-help with our online courses and a few calls with our coaches.
  3. Individual courses which include some coaching time, depending on course.

If you are not sure which option to take, or if we are a good fit book a 30 min meeting with us to clarify your needs.

First date with Osaango - Osaango Finland
Can we offer help with developing API and Platform Economy? Or with online training for your customers or your staff? Or do you need help with the digitization of customer or employee experience?Book your first date with us, and let’s find together the best solution for you.
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Meet some of our customers
We provide sparring, training, and consulting to platform and API teams, organizations, and universities. Meet some of our customers.
A few examples of the online courses and programs we've done in the past. You can find more examples we've worked on with our customers here.

Need something else?

Here are some examples of the things we could create together - or just take a coffee break and learn

How to attract developers to your platform and APIs?

Together with the Chief Development Officer of Platform of Trust, Jarkko "DXDoctor" Moilanen, we produced the Developer Whisperer -course. The course program guides non-technical Product Managers, Marketers, and Business Designers to understand the developer as an API customer. The course is designed to take place alongside the work, and it contains personal guidance.

Join the Developer Whisperers
Osaango Academy offers an educational experience via our curated course marketplace - Osaango Academy. Our specialties are topics related to digitalization, platform economy, and API economy in the public and private sectors. Together with universities, researchers, the public sector, and companies …

Utilization of data in business - how entrepreneurs should do it?

In cooperation with the Avoin Häme (Open Tavastia) project in Finland, we produced a customer-centric and collaborative designed webinar series. The webinar explains how companies can use data and APIs in business through practical examples. Read about the project in our blog.

Regulated software – fixing the software development of regulated industries

Ever wondered how smart devices and IoT, Internet of Things, should be developed? How to take product safety standards and regulations into account already in the program development phase? Get familiar with the topic in cooperation between Osaango, CompliancePal, and the University of Helsinki facilitated the world's first RegOps Days event panel discussion. In the debate, the conversation goes between the companies and experts of smart health care and knowledgeable audience.

Meet RegOps Days
The first time ever organizer RegOps Days, focused on the health sector, reinforced the need for the community around Regulation Operations. Take the course and join the community for the development and adoption of the best practices.