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We work at the core of our customers' business and technology strategies. There is a lot we can't tell publicly. Here are some of our selected public customer cases.

Easy onboarding is crucial for cutting API support costs

A SaaS accounting system provider with clients in several European countries had issues with partners and clients getting stuck with onboarding to use their APIs and causing a growing number of support questions because the APIs were gaining more traction. A wider API and data monetization initiative started based on some of the findings and recommendations at this stage.

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From API enabled strategy to integrated partner experience

A North European media and advertisement company wanted to provide new self-service digital experience using APIs. The target segment was media agencies and integration partners. Their clients advertise in our client’s media channels.

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Management model of the OT environment and continuity

A large organization and a significant player in a local real estate market. The goal was to open discussion and to create communication channels between the functions responsible of different areas of the operational technology environment, to report the status of continuity processes and to understand the OT management model established over time.

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API-enabled artificial intelligence for audiovisual big data

KAVI is the Finnish national audiovisual institute that stores huge amounts of audiovisual data KAVI needed coaching on their extensive operational and technological case. API-enabled Artificial intelligence is a critical part of KAVI's operations.

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Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Osaango Oy has started a key partnership with Laurea University of Applied Sciences – the cooperation has started with the planning of a joint data management course. One of the reasons for the key partnership with Laurea is that we have been collaborating with universities for a long time and building online courses and training programs related to API economics and data.

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Design and renewal of digital services and IT-architecture

Fondia is a full-service business law firm with 14 locations in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Estonia and more than 100 lawyers They wanted to renew their digital services and service support systems, as well as implement the change.

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Smart business models and ecosystem with supercomputers

Digitalia is a joint research center of the University of Applied Sciences of South-East Finland (XAMK), the University of Helsinki and the National Archives. Digitalia needed consulting in planning a business model for Memory Lab ecosystem, a high-performance computing and data economy initiative based on computing center investment.

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Public transportation ecosystem concepts for mid-sized city

Osaango Oy sparred with a team of traffic and IT experts from the City of Salo seeking innovative procurement models and additional digital expertise for such models. We were also commissioned by Salo to further improve their customer insight and help to innovate and validate new transportation solutions. The obtained customer understanding will help the City of Salo to produce better-targeted, more cost-effective public transport services that best support the needs of the customers and the City’s strategy.

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