These are some of the cases we've done with universities:

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Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences constitute the Tampere university community. Together we are building a new model for higher education and research in Finland.
We improved an open and free Master level university course “Introduction to API Economy” in co-operation with Tampere University.

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Unlearning the API Economy
“APIs are just a technical implementation detail” - or are they? See what some of our students say after starting their Introduction to API economy studies!

And here:

Get ready for your next career move with Introduction to API Economy - course
Learn in a few hours what API economy is! Join the free academic online course by Osaango and Tampere University now.

With Digitalia - Research Center on Digital Information Management we've completed several projects. We created a productization plan for data, knowledge and algorithms for Digitalia. Then we implemented an MVP API and API management solution on top of their algorithms. The most recent project provides the algorithms via online store.

Read the case study of our first project here:

Productization of knowledge, research and technical architecture
Technical architecture is not just a way to transfer data. It should be important part of business strategy. By combining the planning of technical architecture, information management and behavioral sciences, organizations can run integrated business models.

Together with HAMK, The Häme University of Applied Sciences we helped them achieve some of the goals of the Open Häme project. We produced a customer-centric and collaborative designed webinar series. Supported by the online material, the webinar series guide entrepreneurs and companies on how to use open and other data and APIs in business through practical co-created examples.

Read the case study here:

Business development by utilizing data
Data utilization webinar series for entrepreneurs? Why and how?Digital business development is a strategic decision that requires understanding of data before entrepreneur can utilize and apply data analysis in business.

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