In some cases, the team hasn't existed yet and we have helped the Product Manager, Platform Owner or CEO. Usually the outcome has been a roadmap to improve strategy, design, customer and partner understanding or even hire the right team.

We empower organizations and ecosystems to

  • Find the ecosystem-level customer and partner needs for new innovative services
  • Plan complex, systems level changes using systems thinking
  • Create the mind set for change and transformation - we help you and your ecosystem to ask "What if?"
  • Learn about API and Platform business models and technical best practices- Answer the questions "How should we make the business, technical and people change happen?" and "What is our roadmap?"
  • Be Osaangoistic - Osaango Academy membership for all our consulting customers, free for the first year (value 499 EUR/person) or as long as our partnership continues
Need someone to keep your team on the right path to Platform Economy?
Building digital products like applications, websites, extranets can be challenging.Building multi-sided platforms, marketplaces and datahubs is even more challenging. Building an ecosystem sounds mind-blowingly great, but in reality it just makes you want to drop the ball. We’ll help!

Meet some of our platform building customers

Under each of the links to the customer's web page you can find a short description of what we created with them.

Transcribe Audio to Text | Transcription Company & Website - Rev
Online audio transcription and video caption services. For business, legal, academic and personal needs. Transcribe audio to text, create captions and subtitles for videos with fewer hassles and better results. and - Developer Experience review and development plan - continuous sparring (6 months)
Front page - Sanoma Media Finland
Sanoma Media - Publisher of the biggest newspaper in the Nordic countries and multi-channel media house. Positioning APIs in a business model, API design review, and guidance on API governance.
Finago | Numbers with love
Comprehensive financial management software is available under a single agreement.
Finago - Procountor Developer Experience review | Parhaat ohjelmistot yrityksille - Ohjelmistoja yrityksille
Parhaat ohjelmistot pk-yritykselle. Myynti ja markkinointi, toimisto-ohjelmistot a johtaminen. Ohjelmistoja yrityksille yhdellä laskulla.
SaaShop - Project planning and API architecture design for funding. Part of the project was helping to recruit new employees for the developer team and their training and sparring.
Apps Integra - Design of the architecture for customer project (Abu Dhabi). Focus on customer experience in APIs and API management as a whole.
Klinkmann - provider of industrial automation solutions and electrical components
Klinkmann - provider of industrial automation solutions and electrical components
The Klinkmann Group operates in Finland, Baltics, Russia, and CIS - Technical distribution from components to solutions. We provided business model sparring and consulting of choosing the supporting information systems.
S Group
S Group is a customer-owned Finnish network of companies in the retail and service sectors, with more than 1,800 outlets in Finland.
S Group (Finnish retail company) - Lean API Management training

Customers from public sector

Home - Finnish Meteorological Institute
Finnish Meteorological Institute - API and platform economy training
Manage All Your Travel Product Information and Share It Across Multiple Channels
Manage All Your Travel Product Information and Share It Across Multiple Channels
Legal design, service design and technology guidance for developing Visit Finland Datahub for sharing information about Finnish travel destinations and products globally. We helped design terms and conditions, community guidelines and also contributed to the design of platform features and API usage.
Liikennekyselyn tuloksia hyödynnetään liikennepalveluiden kokonaispalvelutason parantamiseen - Salon Tiedotteet
Salon kaupunki toteutti elokuussa kyselyn yli 65 vuotta täyttäneille salolaisille sekä yläkoululaisille ja heidän vanhemmilleen ymmärtääkseen paremmin heidän liikkumistarpeitaan, tottumuksiaan ja haasteitaan sekä liikkumispalveluiden merkitystä heidän hyvinvointiinsa. Kyselyyn saatiin vastauksia yht…
City of Salo - customer survey for teenagers, their parents and elderly to support the new more innovative public transportation system, based on data, interfaces and ecosystem. Above is the project bulletin in Finnish.
National Audiovisual Institute - Kavi
We helped plan the digitalization roadmap and purchasing process for National Audiovisual Institute of Finland. Focus was to spar their ideas on how to open up their massive collection of TV and radio programs to researchers and other audience with help of AI and reduce manual classification work.
The Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland
The Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland is responsible for daycare, education, training and research; arts, culture, sports and youth work, the archival, museum and public library systems; the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Orthodox Church and other religious communities, student financia…