Some of our customers need to change how the whole organization or at least a larger amount of people think and work around APIs, digital business models and platform economy. New technologies and new ways of working enable new business models and partnerships.

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Should your whole organization be dreaming in digital?
Do you feel that the organization around you is still in analog-mode? Digital business, APIs, data and AI may be in your strategy but they are far from your reality.

Meet some of customers we have helped to start the change

Telia as a company | For our English-speaking customers | Telia
We are with you every day, providing services and supporting you with digitalisation. Our operations are guided by our values and responsibility for the world around us.
Telia, a Nordic and global telco and IT services company. Customized API and Platform Economy lecture for 100+ attendees + recording. 
For shopping to be fun
K Group, one of the biggest retailers in Finland and Europe - Customized API and Platform Economy lecture for 100+ attendees

Public sector and public funding agencies

About us in brief
Business Finland is the government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion.
Business Finland - API -and platform economy training for Team Finland, and development of public administration innovative procurement initiatives for water services, smart service transportation, and education platforms. 
Etusivu | Traficom
The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is an authority in permit, licence, registration, approval, safety and security matters.
Finnish Transport and Communications Agency - Act on Transport Services code of conduct and interface recommendation consulting (subcontracting for Citrus Solutions)
City of Helsinki
Helsinki is the capital of Finland and the centre of the Helsinki Region, with some 600,000 inhabitants.
We helped the City of Helsinki to prepare API program guidelines and API governance principles by facilitating and consulting during the project.