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Lean API Development

May 4, 2021
May 5, 2021

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Lean API Development

This course is based on the popular book API Economy 101 and is taught by one of the authors!

What will you learn?

  1. Get started with hands-on API development and management quickly
  2. Learn the Lean, openly licensed and business-oriented method APIOps Cycles
  3. Ideating and designing already a few of the APIs to be implemented after the training
  4. Prepare for the continuous API product development

Who should participate?

  • Business and IT experts, architects, project managers, product owners, service and UX designers, software developers, integration experts

"Lean API Development" - course, in Finnish (API-hallintaa leanisti) is available in English or Finnish. Contact us to get a quote on a tailored course for your organization. A public course in Finnish is available via Alma Talent in June 7-8, 2021.


Day 1

9.00 Why do we need APIs and how are APIs connected with business? 
  • What is an API? How is it different from integration or user interface?
  • What is the role of APIs in supporting customer experience?
  • How does API development connect with the development of digital services? 
  • Different “species” of APIs and their impact on development: technical standards and information models

10.15 Break

10.30 Requirements of API and microservice development from a business and IT perspective

  • How to bring together the needs of the business, the potential of technology and the requirements of the IT department? 
  • Why is it important to understand API-related business models and business objectives before implementing API management processes and tools? 

Exercise: Ideating an ecosystem customer journey to be used in the next exercises

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Anatomy of APIs: From business needs to technical requirements

  • API users needs, ideation, and planning of features to be implemented 
  • How to break the customer journey into APIs and microservices?
  • How to decide which APIs to choose and build, what is the added value and costs?

Exercise: APIOps Cycles-method for lean and business-oriented API development and management

14.00 Break 

14.15 Exercise using a scenario-based roleplay: The needs of services using APIs, publishing APIs and developer experience  

  • How to anticipate any special needs of services and development teams that will be using the APIs?
  • How to prioritize serving various API consumer segments or different value propositions? What is your API (product) strategy as a provider and should you serve all needs yourself?
  • Agility, parallel development, quality, and properly targeted resources. Why and how you should organize the communication between internal and external API users from the very beginning of development. 
  • The role of API management tools in managing the developer experience of API consumers and developers

15:15 - 16.00 The basics of API management, API information security and the personal data processing 

Day 2

9:00 Practise: Start your own API development  
  • From the functional needs to risks and non-functional needs 
  • API information model, functionality and interface in practice. 
  • Familiarization to OpenAPI specification, planning of JSON, JSON schema and GraphQL. (Also suitable for people who cannot program if there is also technical persons in the group)

10.15 Break 

10:30 Information security and data protection in API interfaces 

  • Public APIs, partner APIs, and internal APIs
  • B2C versus B2B versus internal users (G2G, G2C & G2B for the public sector)
  • Applications consuming the APIs: websites, mobile applications, IoT-devices, chatbots, smart contacts, servers
  • Current user management solutions, OpenID Connect and JWT tokens linked to API management
  • Planning of information security and data protection, OWASP-recommendations
  • Compliance and APIs

12.00 Lunch 

13:00 Exercise: Auditing APIs (design and security perspectives)

14.00 Break 

14.15-16.00 API development as a continuous activity

  • APIOps Cycles -method as a part of other processes and DevOps initiatives
  • Versioning, publishing, documenting and testing 
  • Incident management and support
  • Automating API publishing 
  • Metrics and continuous improvement 

Meet the educators

Marjukka Niinioja

Marjukka Niinioja

API Business Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Book Author

Marjukka Niinioja is a speaker at API conferences, co-author of API Economy 101 book, and creator of the free "Introduction to API Economy" course with Tampere University. “Mother” of the lean, open and business-oriented APIOps Cycles method. 10+ years of experience with API Economy from retail, energy, ICT, construction and traffic industries, among others.

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