Study of established OT management practices

A global enterprise for which real estate is an important element and a key part of the business. Seeking to understand the operational technology related management models, responsibilities and obligations established over time.

Our engagement

The most important sources of information were personal interviews of all the company’s relevant stakeholders. Other sources were used as well to support the core process. The interviews included an introduction to the operational technology of the built environment as a whole and as a manageable set of technology, processes and people.

The information gathered with substantiated proposals were provided to the customer as an extensive summary as well as a possibility to take part of a discussion event regarding the contents. 

The end result was more than the customer expected and the proposals were useful and integrative to customer’s short and long term development programs.

Lessons learned

Operational technology is not recognized as an industry or as a corporate unit as information and communications technology is. Because of the strong built siloes in the building and construction industry, it may not be neither clear nor obvious how to set up a cooperation model to release all the hidden potential of the operational technology related processes.

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