Easy onboarding is crucial for cutting API support costs

A SaaS accounting system provider with clients in several European countries had issues with partners and clients getting stuck with onboarding to use their APIs and causing a growing number of support questions because the APIs were gaining more traction. A wider API and data monetization initiative started based on some of the findings and recommendations at this stage.

Our engagement

We audited the client’s  developer & partner journey as well as APIs. While we found the APIs to be well designed and working, the onboarding journey and content needed some improvements, especially for their very different client and partner segments with specific needs. 

This led to the recommendation of segmenting their API consumers better and “packaging” the API endpoints also with these needs, to provide more support for pricing the APIs that created the most value to some of the external partis, but also threatened with competition.

Lessons learned

Journeys should be designed and tested so that they are smooth from business and technical perspectives.

Productizing your API according to specific use cases and segments also gives you a lot of room for later monetization and restrictions of APIs and data according to segments and needs. This was the next step we guided the customer in, when their requested API and data monetization workshops for the group level.

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