Critical hybrid architecture with GraphQL flavours

Client was a UX/UI Design, Software Engineering & DevSecOps company from Middle East They needed help revieing the architecture for customer project. The focus was on customer experience using APIs and API management.

Our engagement

We provided help with an urgent customer project in RFP stage for a remote global team. The scope of the work was the API architecture. Key goals were to tackle customer experience and legacy integration. The proposed solution was a state-of-the-art new platform.

The newest toys are not always what the client wants.  The architecture team proposed state of the art GraphQL-based distributed modern web architecture. The challenge was that the client was operating in a high security closed on-premise architecture and valued stability.

Our experience in both APIs and integrations was valuable. Even more important was the knowledge of complex enterprises.

Lessons learned

It is essential that the client’s business and technology constraints and also corporate culture are taken into account early.

One important aspect was cultural understanding. The other was how legacy and critical system environments differ from new modern stacks and cloud environments.

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