API-enabled artificial intelligence for audiovisual big data

KAVI is the Finnish national audiovisual institute that stores huge amounts of audiovisual data KAVI needed coaching on their extensive operational and technological case. API-enabled Artificial intelligence is a critical part of KAVI's operations.

Our engagement

KAVI’s project was ambitious. The budget and the size of the organization were limited. This required innovative procurement and architecture design.  

Our coaching helped to discover new approaches in client’s processes and architecture. This included API-enabled artificial intelligence-based solutions and use of open source machine learning models. Other areas involved  innovative procurement procedures and software development processes.

Lessons learned

We surprised the client with new opportunities to co-operate with researchers and companies.  This creates unique possibilities in developing artifial intelligence for Finnish cultural heritage.

Mervi Leino-Niemelä from KAVI was happy with results: "The presentation in terms of technology was so clear that even a humanist understood.’’

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