Key partnership between Osaango and Laurea

February 23, 2021
Marjukka Niinioja

Osaango Oy has started a key partnership with Laurea University of Applied Sciences – the cooperation has started with the planning of a joint data management course. 

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Marjukka Niinioja, Osaango Oy

One of the reasons for the key partnership with Laurea is that we have been collaborating with universities for a long time and building online courses and training programs related to API economics and data.

Companies are interested in bridging the gap between business needs and industry training, as APIs are a new and rapidly evolving field. We believe that university cooperation will make the latest developments in the field available to students. Students will understand the current needs of companies better as they enter working life.

We combine practical know-how with research to get the best possible learning for students.

Osaango and Laurea are jointly building an Introduction to Data Economy course, which focuses on data utilization and productization in companies.

The aim of the cooperation is to expand expertise in the utilization of data. At the same time, we can learn from each other on both sides.

The key partnership enables multidisciplinary cooperation, and Osaango has interest not only in courses but also in student projects, for example in the field of legal design.

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