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December 15, 2020
Eve Haavisto
API Economy

While many wait for the new year to start to pursue their goals, we have taken a head-start! From the wide range of courses available in Osaango Academy, we have picked a few that we would like to introduce you to. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, you will find suitable courses in our selection.

Essential APIs

Never used an API? Feeling insecure talking about them? No worries! Essential APIs is a fast-track to knowing the very basics of APIs. The course doesn’t require programming skills or complex software. Instead, we guide your learning through simple, hands-on exercises that can be done via your browser. Completing the course takes only a couple of hours depending on your previous skills and gives you a good starting point for our other classes. Start your journey to APIs and enroll now! Enroll here

” I was at zero when I started this course. I am now more confident and ready for the next course.”

Who are the developer customers?

In this course, we take a closer look at developer experience (DX). As decision-making is becoming more developer-oriented, we need to understand what developers are looking for in a product. Developers as a segment pose new requirements for marketing – they want to get straight to the point and test out the API before committing. They are looking for a more technical approach and won’t be impressed by traditional marketing texts.

This course provides you with real case examples of successful DX and makes you look at products from a developer’s perspective. The course is taught by ”DX Doctor” Jarkko Moilanen and APItalista Marjukka Niinioja. Find out more about the developer customers here.

Design a good value proposition for your API and developer customers

Through the ever more popular APIOps Cycles method, this course helps you build a strong value proposition for your developer customers. We address questions such as: ”Which APIs do our customers really need?” and ”How do I increase the buy-in for our APIs?”. After this course you will have a better understanding of how you can create competitive edge with your value proposition and how APIs help build partnerships. Enroll to the course here.

Turn your idea into digital business in 20 hours

In 20 hours, you will review your business idea from multiple angles and create an action plan for the next steps. With the support from our instructors, you will learn how to commercialize your idea and organize funding for the implementation of your idea. The course structure guides you to ask the right questions and provides resources for answering them. Two 60-minute coaching sessions are also included in the curriculum. Start turning your idea now, check out the course

“You’ll get back a million times more than you could imagine from this course. Osaango team and the experts on this course have links to so many people in tech and business; they even helped me find my potential co-founder. They took me from idea to being ready for a team and investment.”

Remember to check out the membership bundle that contains all the courses (save 25%).

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