Energy efficiency and everyday innovations from Futudemy

Energy efficiency and everyday innovations from Futudemy

October 26, 2022

The first Futudemy this autumn started with a topical energy efficiency theme at Futudemy Seinäjoki in partnership with SeAmk, Laurea UAS, City of Seinäjoki and Cisco

"Experts and students want to apply to learn new skills through practical examples. Futudemy is the perfect networking opportunity. At Futudemy, students get direct contact with working life. They also get to show their problem-solving skills to the participating professionals. Practising collaboration skills is paramount for both students and professionals," says Marjukka Niinioja, the founder of Osaango.

Futudemy for Seinäjoki city brought together future experts from the real estate sector, IT and service design. There was a lot of energy for innovative ideas and colliding thoughts. Multitudes of viewpoints and challenging both the teaching and the theme are essential. These result in significant insights and, finally, "aha" moments. Participants with IT backgrounds eagerly jumped to technical details. We often see this in the Futudemy cohorts. However, we always start solving ideas with the customer's viewpoint. This results in better designs for a more efficient user journey using automation.  We want to look into all possibilities for value creation. Not jumping to the first conclusions exposes even more fantastic ideas. Hitting the break at the beginning may sting a bit.  Towards the end, everyone usually is amazed at the results. The customer-oriented approach can bring about better technical ideas. This reveals the possibilities for using existing technology and APIs.  The approach simplifies and speeds up the implementation of the innovations.  

The cohort produced great ideas, from inter-school energy-saving challenge to price-trend optimized temperature. Participants introduced proposals for schools towards carbon neutrality and optimized use of space.  

This Futudemy cohort coincided with the Energy Saving Week of 2022. Participants learned about energy saving, IoT, and the versatile possibilities of APIs. Futudemy is a quick and goal-oriented process. Participants felt they also learned about combining ideas and technologies and time management. Prioritizing and communication skills solved the most complex problems.

This was an excellent experience for us at Osaango, and the city of Seinäjoki received workable new ideas. Well done!

Next, we continue with Hausjärvi with the Haushack theme. Stay tuned and join 12th & 13th of November 2022. 

We also organize private programs for corporations internationally. The next public Futudemy in English is available in November 2022. More information

Energy efficiency and everyday innovations from FutudemyHanna Pikkusaari
Smart technology advisor, IT & OT expert and speaker