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Digital Behaviour Design Using APIs

· Behaviour Design,API,Intelligent APIs

Digital product development used to be all about attracting and locking an "average user" into a "standard" product. Data-driven product development is about adapting the product to the behaviour of its most valuable users.This sounds important, but rather complicated and time-consuming? It need not be, with the right understanding and tools!

User-data can be analyzed with the help of ready-made tools and services, often pluggable to your digital product or platform - via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

There are also APIs and other pluggable services that help your product become a user behaviour-hero - by communicating, nudging, gamifying and helping your application to be generally aware of what users are doing, where they are and what types of activities they engage with.

User Behaviour Design is a new discipline that applies psychology into digital experience design, and answers questions like

  • Why and how do they use the product?

  • Why do they come back?

  • Why do they recommend others?

  • What do they pay for?

  • And more

Analysing user behaviour during Product Development Evolution answers important questions:

  • What features to focus on developing?

  • What KPIs to capture and which of those matter?

  • How to measure and grow user success?

  • Digital product development used to be all about attracting and locking an ‘average’ user in to a ‘standard’ product.

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