Business development by utilizing data

May 14, 2020
Marjukka Niinioja

Data utilization webinar for entrepreneurs

Digital business development is a strategic decision that requires understanding of data before entrepreneur can utilize and apply data analysis in business. Achieving business goals is not an easy task, and for sure not without challenges. To overcome these challenges entrepreneur’s own vision and know-how plays important role in decision making.

Open Tavastia (Avoin Häme) project, led by Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), completed a set of webinars in spring 2020 in co-operation with Osaango Oy, a consulting company with core competence in the areas of API and platform economy and data utilization. The purpose of these webinars was to increase data utilization know-how within the Tavastia Proper entrepreneurs. Webinars and online workshops, that also included solution to entrepreneurs’ own cases, gave concrete examples how essential part data utilization is in digital business management and its ownership.

Open Tavastia project had several objectives. It aimed to

  • Create conditions to utilize open data in business
  • Increase knowledge and skills to utilize open data
  • Connect active actors of Tavastia Proper and test and pilot different kinds of open data applications and uses.

When utilizing open data, it is important to have a will for open action, a will to use open data and comprehension on the opportunities that open data offers. These are the things that have been promoted in Tavastia Proper area with Open Tavastia project since 2017. The utilization of open data requires IT-skills as more and more data becomes available through APIs. Effective data usage requires data handling, analysing and visualisation skills. Osaango Oy staff has an extensive know-how concerning both IT and business, and most of all, strong understanding how to combine these two, hence it was great from the project organizations point of view that the training partner was chosen to be Osaango Oy.

The objective for the training was to support project’s objectives by increasing entrepreneurs’ skills and knowledge concerning data utilization and open APIs, and to increase the understanding of their connection to entrepreneurs’ own businesses.

I have been happy with the implementation, and I’m sure that also the participants have learned lots of new and useful things, states the Research Manager Joni Kukkamäki from HAMK
Pragmatic training referred to concrete examples and it combined, from entrepreneur’s point of view, business targets, technology and data to support business. Marjukka Niinoja from Osaango states, that it is good to carry out marketing alongside product and service development - and marketing truly needs data sources.

Positive feedback from participants

Co-operation with HAMK was great. In planning phase, we interacted actively concerning the marketing and content adjustments of the training. Interaction continued throughout the whole training period, and in the end of the training we created a feedback questionnaire for participants together.

To Osaango team, Marjukka Niinioja, Anne-Maritta Talaslahti and Tessa Viitanen, the design and implementation of the webinar was an interesting project. Webinar content was updated during webinars in accordance with the feedback from participants.

"It was great that Open Tavastia project offered a chance to carry out the entirety flexibly. The implementation took into consideration especially the knowledge levels and wishes of participants. That required vigilance and constant development from us trainers”, states Marjukka.

Positive feedback proves that the training was a success and that entrepreneurs were satisfied:

“I got direct tips how to develop my company - especially from the Data handling, modifying and saving -webinar! Before the individual workshop, I had already updated my company’s webpage and done many other improvements that the training identified. In workshop we created, for example, website analytic metrics that helps me to follow my target development, and I got answers to many other mind puzzling things as well. Now I have clear steps ahead”, rejoices the participant.

A feedback questionnaire was sent to participants, which helped to assess the success, contents, usefulness, and arrangements of the webinar series. Received feedback states, that the entirety was very current and necessary. Participants will, according to feedback, further develop their own know-how as well as the competencies within their companies. They will also share their advice to other members in their work community.

Webinars are now public

Now also all new students are welcome to watch the first publicly shared Osaango webinar from web. True facts about data and business - and they won´t expire for a long time! You can register and study the course independently.

When the know-how for data utilization increases, it improves company’s capability to solve business problems - also with data.

You can access data utilization webinars and material via Osaango webpage. If you got interested, you can log in to free self-study course via Open Tavastia project’s web page: www.avoinhä (in Finnish)

More info

This course was executed as part of the HAMK co-ordinated Open Tavastia project, which was funded by Regional Council of Häme.

Read more about project (in Finnish): www.avoinhä

Research Manager Joni Kukkamäki,HAMK Smart research unit, HAMK

p. 046 923 4540

Marjukka Niinioja, Osaango Oy

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