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Creating Connectivity with APIOps Cycles

– An Opportunity for Every Organization on their Way to Digital & Platform Economies

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Guest author Ritva Savonsaari & APIOps Cycles developer & trainer Marjukka Niinioja

Learning the APIOps Cycles method enables you and your organization or team to create new value by developing and building services in a business-oriented and lean way. The new value is connectivity. APIOps Cycles ( is a creative commons licensed method for lean and business-oriented API development.

APIs need the whole "village" - picture from the book "API Economy 101" 2019 by Moilanen, Niinioja, Seppänen & Honkanen

APIs need the whole "village" - picture from the book "API Economy 101" 2019 by Moilanen, Niinioja, Seppänen & Honkanen

API economy is a business model and way to structure value creation in a more decentralized way. The easy way for anyone to become a part of the API Economy is learning the APIOps Cycles method. It is a way to build a common language and methods for innovating customer journeys and promoting the use of external and internal interfaces. The method is built so that everyone can participate, not only technical architects or software developers. With the API Economy Foundation course, the team learns how to innovate customer journeys and value propositions for APIs, starting from customer needs and ending in discovering key capabilities for APIs to be built, purchased or even sold. The course also includes an online tutorial on how to use simple API calls and how to combine several APIs as a journey or use AI and voice services with APIs.

The API Economy courses turn things like REST, GraphQL, JSON, and XML from bizarre tech vocabulary into everyday tools. The team learns to share and use the same vocabulary. Different roles meet and exchange understanding through canvases and role-play -based simulation game. Key takeaways from the courses are practical tools and for many participants, even new ideas on how to develop services. This type of genuine interaction takes communication to a higher level. As a result, the team powers up to deliver better developer experiences. They are easier to understand, manage and market.

The APIOps Cycles course and certificate help the organization to recognize its full potential. The API Economy team can define the key roles according to skills, passion, and knowledge. The course clarifies the different areas of responsibility. An optimal team needs designers, architects, business strategists, and data security experts. API Economy needs different profiles and abilities. To help the team grow, we also offer an API Economy Developer and API Economy Architect course.

By following the APIOps Cycles method, a functioning team can master the API business and connect it to the business strategy of the whole company or service and product line.

Taking in new knowledge enables the team to spread the word. The teams can take more responsibility. They can create new business models and lead local or global API ecosystems. Learning the basics is the necessary first step. Mastery comes after some practice. New API opportunities grow everywhere. The transformation from beginner to expert starts now.

One key factor is deepening the understanding of who the customer, end-users, and API consumers are and what are the requirements for external API providers that could help speed up development. The team learns to find and use the right tools for the right tasks. We recommend that each organization would have APIOps Cycles capable business, design and/or IT development professionals or external consultants offering internal support for teams along the way. This way, the participants understand the methods. Networking is an important part of the learning experience.

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