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June 16, 2019

Jarkko Moilanen is the founder of API:Suomi and APIOps communities and APItalist. Tivi has also chosen him as one of the TOP 100 IT-influencers in 2017. His interests are especially acting close to platforms of developers and API owners. He is also a Ph.D. and developer of APIOps Cycles.

Marjukka Niinioja is co-founder of Osaango and has over 10 years of experience in APIs and platforms both in small and large companies. Marjukka has also worked in the public sector for 15 years. Her educational background is in the humanistic field and in architecture. Over the years, Marjukka has trained many API experts and has also been involved in developing the APIOps Cycles method.

Marko Seppänen is Doctor of Science (technology) and professor of Industrial Management at Tampere University. He is broad-minded and always looking at new opportunities to renew business with technology. Areas of his interest also are the development of new platform business models and concepts.

Mika Honkanen is an experienced expert in open data and APIs. He creates added value by bringing the public, private and third sector together in creative ways. He is especially interested in open ecosystems and added value and own data related to it.

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