API Economy

API Economy has changed the way we think about and do business. Osaango educates and consults organizations and ecosystems in making the most out of their APIs and the API Economy. To learn the basics of what API Economy is, you can take our FREE online course "Introduction to API Economy" or read the book "API Economy 101".

Introduction to
API Economy -course

This course is meant for people who have not encountered API Economy as a business model before, even if they had some knowledge of APIs as technology. The course is free and you can study at your own pace.

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What is API Economy?

API Economy 101 (2019) introduces you to API Economy through research and real-world examples.  The book is available both as e-book and paperback on Amazon, Google and your local bookstore. You can also order it from our own shop! The first chapter is available to read for free.

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