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We at Osaango are on a mission. We want to save the world from bad APIs. And lengthy API development efforts.

APIs are so much more than a way to expose data from a system. APIs are a way to make your application, device or system to speak, see, think or be able to operate systems and things. For example, cars.

APIs can handle algorithms to calculate complex logic. Or to translate texts from one language to another. You can have a lot of business logic, even machine learning capabilities in your system by using APIs. You don’t need to make everything yourself. You can buy logic, data or capabilities as or through APIs. You can divide responsibilities within your ecosystem. It’s even possible to sell your company’s unique capabilities and resources with APIs.

There are two key things in API Economy and in making good APIs.

1) Think about your API users as consumers or users of your service delivered via a user interface.

You wouldn’t design the same user interface for Facebook or SAP, would you? Facebook is good for fun and communication. SAP is for optimizing entering masses of business data efficiently.

You wouldn’t want to find out after a 6-month API project and a big launch that your users are not able to use the API at all. Or that you delivered API that they don’t need. True story.

2) Good APIs are made by multi-disciplinary teams

Teams, which consist of business people, designers, coders, lawyers, marketing and compliance people. Not forgetting those responsible for integration, infrastructure or security. The trick is to get everyone to understand how to work together and understand each other.

To make all that happen fast, API community needed a lean method of developing APIs. Like APIOps® Cycles method, licensed with creative commons for everyone to use.

We designed the API Economy Certification program because a lot of people were asking “How can I learn about APIs”. We try to give techy people more business understanding. We also want business people to learn more technical know-how. APIOps® Cycles puts together methods people already know or can easily adapt. The training program is designed together with educators experienced with adult learning.

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